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this is the art section of my site, where you can view my art over the years...! drawing is something i really like to do and has been one of my most favorite things to do for a long time...i try to improve in my drawing as time passes by...!

art info

there's a couple of things that you should know about me and my art...! the art program that i mainly use for drawing is ibis paint x, unless it's stated otherwise...!
i am a slow artist, so it can take sort of a while for me to finish up on things, so please be patient with me!!!
i don't do commissions unfortunately...i feel hesitant whenever this question is brought up to me, as i'm not sure if i'll ever do them in the future, but at this point of time, i don't do them...
the last and most important thing is for you to credit me for my art as 'nostalplant'!!!

art over the years

you can navigate by clicking the links of my art over the years...!!! left to right is new to old

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